Our municipalities are in the finals of 14.eTR Awards with 5 projects

14th eTR awards to be held this year will find the owners with the ceremony to be organized in TGNA on 10 May 2017 Wednesday.

In 14th eTR (e-Turkey) awards to be held this year 4 municipalities with 5 different projects quailified for the finals. Awards will find the owners with the ceremony to be held on 10 May 2017 Wednesday in Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM).

14. eTR Awards - Finalist Projects


With the project, TAKBIS, MEGSIS & MAKS e-government services, data of Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation within the borders of metropolitan municipality defined by the Act. 6360 and Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality AKOS (Smart City Automation System) were brought together and the applications carrying out all the works and transactions are provided with service-oriented design and the spatial data of Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality were ensured to be managed in coordination with e-government services.


Dissemination of the practices to support transformation of Izmir to an information society was aimed through providing municipal services via e-government applications, internet and mobile based technologies. In order to strengthen the current Management Information Systems, Archive Management System (AMS), Electronic Documentation Management System (EDMS), and information technologies applications are integrated and information exchange is maintained with Izmir Metropolitan Municipality (GIS)  and BORBEL Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to enable citizens’ easy access to local government systems.


3 dimensional disaster management mobile application with augmented reality support project of Suleymanpasa Municipality is a mobile application integrating current urban information system and 360 panorama systems and in which virtual reality and 3D technologies for detection studies before and after disaster. Thus, even if buildings are demoslished; via smart phones or tablets within authorization, information of the buildings, information of those residents in the buildings and 3-dimensional technical drawings of the buildings will be accessible easily for search and rescue teams.


On-site municipal applications are the applications developed to bring services to citizens and through which any transactions can be carried out over mobile devices on site, in front of the citizens. As the solutions adopted by on-site service approach, what we provide with these applications has great importance primarily for our citizens over 65 ages and those confined to bed. Our citizens can benefit from this 7/24 service providing Communication (Fast Solution) Centre of which infrastructure was formed with AKOS Smart City Project by calling the number 444 88 92 or leave their detail contact information. All demands and complaints recorded are ensured to be solved with a great rigour.

What are eTurkey (eTR) Awards?

E-Government is a project which the state achieves a more efficient and productive management by providing its services to citizens and business world by using Information and Communication Technologies. The term e-Gov can be applied to local governments along with central public institutions and legislative and judicial powers. E-state can function from government to citizen (G2C), from government to business world (G2B) and from government to government (G2G). Main difference seperating e-Gov from automatization projects is that e-state projects which define work processes again and are open to the access of citizens, business world and public employees.

By considering those mentioned above, TUSIAD (Turkish Industry and Businessman's Association) and TBV (Turkish Informatics Association) will give 14th eTR awards in 2017 with the purpose of increasing awareness and awarding pioneering practices related to successful e-state applications of public institutions and local governments.