Publicity Meeting for Niğde City Automation System (NİĞKOS) was Held

The publicity meeting for Niğde City Automation System (NİĞKOS) was held in Niğde City Hall.

NİĞKOS Meeting was atteneded by Faruk Akdoğan - Mayor of Niğde, Hayreddin Akçıl - Chief Prosecutor of the Municipality of Niğde, Prof. Dr. Adnan Görür - Rector of Niğde University, Erdal Sarı - Mayor of Altunhisar, Cengiz Ecemiş and Yakup Yerlikaya - Deputy Mayors of Niğde, Council Members, Emine Atıcı - Women’s Branch President of the Justice and Development Party in addition to SAMPAŞ management.

Niğde Municipality aims to determine city’s problems by carrying out social structure analysis with the use of NİĞKOS City Automation System and involve citizen in finding solutions to uncovered problems.

In their effort, Niğde Municipality is determined to carry on field and inventory studies which involve the whole of municipal boundaries.

"Since we took the office of Niğde Municipality, we took every necessary step towards increasing the use of technology as well as the communication between Niğde city hall and our citizens. Currently, we are performing studies in order to effective apply and use City Information Systems. At the end of this year, we will fully begin using NİĞKOS whereby our citizens will be able to log in to our website and pay their taxes, bills, run queries regarding their land ownerships etc." said, Faruk Akdoğan, Mayor of Niğde.