Turkey’s first “Smart City” architect SAMPAŞ, which aimed to be a pioneer and guiding company since the that its founded; by materializing “Smart Urban Transformation” projects, which is logical, without compromising social benefits to income and profit, beneficiaries are protected, aims to build “Smart, Aesthetic and Sustainable” cities in cooperation during Turkey’s urban transformation process.

SAMPAŞ, aims to build “Smart, Aesthetic and Sustainable” Cities in cooperation with municipalities during urban transformation project.

Within this scope, being a business partner of yours, with consensus offices and experienced team who are best in their fields, is our first priority goal.

SAMPAŞ doesn’t only produce projects and delegate to its business partners, on the contrary, works in cooperation with beneficiaries and municipalities, established perfect communication amongst them and solves any problem they may face on their behalf.

Our Urban Transformation Projects always prepared with the highest standards, without the risks of ground condition or unhealthy settlement, figuring out all kinds of potential and making them come out, finishing sub structure and equipped with necessary social implements, creating smart, healthy, secure living zones.

SAMPAŞ; with its expert technical team consisting of different disciplines such as city planners, landscape architects, engineers, sociologists and economists and Smart Urban Transformation Technology Solutions, serves as your business partner.


SAMPAŞ, adopts working in cooperation with municipalities during Turkey’s urban transformation process, taking beneficiaries sensitivities into consideration, creating modern, high living quality, smart, aesthetic and sustainable brand cities as a principle.

SAMPAŞ, with Urban Transformation Projects, aims to create prestigious new places with a planning approach, exhibiting integrative, human and vision oriented, spatial, social and economic development strategies.

Our Values

Customer Orientation
Market Leadership
Team Spirit
Corporate Citizenship