Urban Transformation

Kentsel Dönüşüm, kentlerin özellikle işlevini yitiren, atıl durumda bulunan parçalarının kentin sosyal ve kültürel hayatına, ekonomisine hizmet edebilmesi, kullanıcıların ihtiyaçlarına daha iyi cevap verebilmesi amacıyla yeniden planlanıp, yeniden yapılanması olarak tanımlanabilir.

SAMPAŞ has worked in cooperation with our municipalities during the urban transformation period. SAMPAŞ aimed to create cities having a high life quality and is free from disaster risks.

In this framework; in our urban transformation projects, our aim is to acquire road maps, carrying out the works and operations in order to provide sustainability, minimizing the problems and actualizing them in a short period in the applications works towards establishing a healthy, secure living area which has the necessary social equipments. The infrastructure of this area has been completed, all kinds of dynamics have been brought out and all the risks because of unhealthy construction have been removed.

SAMPAŞ; provides service with its expert technical staff consisting of city planning, landscape architects, engineers, sociologist and economists.

Rural depopulation started in Turkey after 1960’s in parallel with rapid industrialization and economic developments.

Negative pressures brought by concentration of country population in city centres also brought problems like unplanned urbanization, agricultural land demolition, transportation and infrastructure inadequacies, environmental pollution and illegal housing with it.

As Turkey is under the effect of very intense earthquake activity, many citizens lost their lives because of risky buildings in Marmara earthquake in 1999 and Van earthquake in 2011. As a result, bringing urban transformation projects into life has become unavoidable.

With SAMPAŞ Urban transformation Projects, creating new prestigious places with an integrated planning approach, which is human and vision focused and where spatial, social and economic development strategies are put forward, is being targeted.

Project Management Services

Urban Transformation Project Application Software

Immovable current Situation Determination

Immovable Property and Structure Permission Information

Analytic Research Studies

Value Determination and Feasibility Analysis

Geologic-Geotechnical Research Report Preparation

Zoning Plans for Transformation and Urban Design Plans

Project Assessing and Distribution Offer Lists

Negotiations and Contracts with Beneficiaries

Urban Transformation Master Plan