Urban Project Management

SAMPAS adopts the principle of creating brand cities that are civilized and have high quality of life by interoperating with our municipalities in the process of urban transformation of Turkey.

Accordingly, "Urban Project Management" provides end-to-end project services and related technological infrastructure for our municipalities in order that they can create planned, organized and information-based managed cities whilst they are growing and developing.

SAMPAS provides urban project management and consultancy service for our municipalities within the scope of AKOS. Within this service our Urban Project Management experts determine the concept of AKOS project in the interest of related municipality, prepare the project plan and conduct the process management in application stage of the project.

Project Operation and Updating Services

Applying the Project: It contains all application, installation, adaptation, training and implementation studies required for carrying out the operations and transactions via AKOS CAD/GIS applications.

Real Property Service: It is the service that provides all the operations and transactions in municipalities containing address information, such as registry, subscription, declaration and licence, in order to operate under infrastructure of address/numbering as being NVI UAVT and TKGM TAKBIS real estate-based.

Reconstruction and Urbanism Service: Besides creating decision support analysis, it provides giving CAD/GIS- based performance feedback that will be required by units of reconstruction, mapping, planning, technical works and expropriated property.

Digital Archive Service: It is the unit-based and corporate-based archive management system under the infrastructure of standard file plan and EDMS (Electronic Document Management System).

Other services

Citizen-Oriented Services

There Will Be A Geographical/City Information System

Mobile Mapping System

Base Map, Satellite Image and Orthophoto Map

Address/Numbering System

Site Detection and City Inventory Information System

Working Place Inventory System

Reconstruction And Urbanism Information System

Urban Regeneration, Urban Transformation and Developmental Projects

Urban Design & 3D Modelling Cemetery Information System

Infrastructure Mapping and Infrastructure Information System (IMIIS)

Paperless Municipalism, EDMS & Archive System

Build-up of Village Infrastructure Information System

SAMPAS offers consultancy services to our municipalities within the scope of AKOS. Accordingly, our Urban Project Management experts determine AKOS project scope, prepare project plan and manage the process when it comes to application stage based on related municipality.

Through SAMPAS Urban Project Management, our Municipalities:

  1. Can Easily Analyse the Requirements of Urban Transformation Process and Take Information-Based Decisions in Forming City Inventory,
  2. Can Reduce the Costs of the Services and Raise the Satisfaction of Citizens by offering the services electronically,
  3. Can Have a Reliable Common Database in Which All Data Belonging to Them is Gathered,
  4. Can Enable Reliable and Effective Information Sharing by Their Corporations’ Authority-Based Access to the Data and Information They Needed in Business Process,
  5. Can Contribute to the Development of Cooperation Ability and Interoperability Among Its Corporations,
  6. Can Develop the Process of Information-Based Policy and Decision Making.